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Kingston,  NH 
United States
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Alexandra Gunn brings fine jewelry to market with the boldness, fun and flexibility of fashion jewelry, beautifully and artfully blended together into uniquely wearable pieces. These pieces are meant to stand out in a world where everything looks the same and inspire us to express our individuality.

Our jewelry is a labor of love fueled by a passion to create pieces that become a part of each wearer’s story.  The cornerstone of the brand is to harness the unique spirit of the individual and to design the essential piece to unlock that spirit.

Featuring exotic, yet familiar shapes, the collection evokes visions of high-crashing crests and deep, churning waters. Just as the ocean unlocks something in us all, these pieces unlock something in us all.


  • Alexandra Gunn Wave and Splash Necklace w/citrine
    Inspired by coral and sea shells, this two-tone piece is made with 14K gold and Sterling Silver. This piece has size, weight, texture, and sparkle. This version comes embedded with 13 pieces of citrine to bring a little color to your life....

  • The Wave and Splash necklace with citrine boasts 13 2mm gems flush set directly into the Sterling Silver.  The front of the necklace is 14K Yellow Gold.  This piece, like all our others, is solid.  Nothing is plated.  Hand finished, polished, and set.  It has an 18” Sterling Silver chain.

    The organic design is inspired by coral and seashells and is designed to draw the eye.  It is the center piece of the collection.

    All pieces are Made in America.

  • Alexandra Gunn Splash Ring
    A bed of diamonds on a duet of solid 14K gold and sterling silver. This piece caresses the finger and evokes movement while balancing both an organic and sleek modern look; an intriguing blend of quality and uniqueness....

  • The Splash ring stands out in a crowd, just like the woman who wears it.  This signature ring is statement jewelry at its finest.  Bring it into the board room or let it show you off around the office.  This ring is not dainty and glittery.  It evokes strength and the indomitable spirit of the woman who wears it. 

    14K textured gold on top with prong set diamonds.  Sleek Sterling Silver, smooth, hugging the finger, underneath.

    All pieces are made in America and solid.  Nothing is plated.

  • Alexandra Gunn Wave and Splash Ring
    Like her sister, the Wave and Splash Necklace, this ring offers an organic look, two tones with your choice of metals. Unlike her sister, this one also sparkles with flush set sapphires. Organic lines and textures round out the elegance of this piece....

  • The Wave and Splash Ring is graceful, yet it pops a punch.  Inspired by the texture of shells and the shapes of coral, this ring is a splendid blend of modern organic design and fashion.  Though it comes in a variety of options, the version here has a solid 14K gold shank and features a Sterling Silver accent.  Three white sapphires are beautifully flush set into the end.

    All of our pieces are made in America.  Everything is solid, nothing is plated.

  • Alexandra Gunn Wave Drop Earrings
    There is a subtle delicateness to these coral inspired earrings. Make a statement with this organic play on lines, curves, and negative space. Glitz and glamour meet organic modern....

  • The Wave Drop Earrings give the look of a large piece, yet they feel weightless on the ear.  They are delicate, yet profound in their simplicity.  Wear them at work or at play, they are a great conversation starter and sure to Make a Splash at any gathering. 

    All our pieces are made in America.  All our jewelry is solid, nothing is plated.

  • Alexandra Gunn Small Splash Necklace
    Make a splash with this smaller version of our Single Splash Necklace. It is jewel encrusted with iolite and two kinds of topaz that create a fade of color from side to side....

  • The small splash necklace has a gradient of color, stretching coast to coast on this piece.  The color on this necklace reminds of the ocean itself, preferably somewhere warm and sunny.  This piece has 2 Swiss Blue topaz, 3 London Blue topaz, and 4 pieces of iolite.  16” and 18” adjustable chain.

    All our pieces are made in America.  All our pieces are solid, nothing is plated.

  • Alexandra Gunn Wave and Splash Earrings
    How big of a splash do you want to make? These earrings are big, bold, and beautiful. Sterling Silver and 18K Gold with Green Tourmaline. You can't go wrong with this one!...

  • Do you like big earrings?  You HAVE to check out our Wave and Splash Earrings.  The version pictured here has 6 2mm Green Tourmaline set into a texture Sterling Silver front.  The 18K gold is smooth in back, which gives it a wonderful contrast.  Modern and organic, like all our pieces, these earrings stand out, just like you.

  • Alexandra Gunn Coral Earring, two-tone
    This splash of color can help you move through the day at your own pace. Others can try to catch up with you but will only see the deep blue of these earrings as you pass by. Own the day!...

  • London Blue Topaz personifies these earrings.  They shine with a certain organic design.  Clearly inspired by coral, these earrings are a solid addition to any collection.  The stones are 6mm.  This piece has both 14K gold and Sterling Silver.

    All our pieces are Made in America.  All pieces are solid, nothing is plated.

  • Alexandra Gunn Coral Ear Climbers, Silver
    Bring home this unique treasure, adorned with 5 lovely green tourmaline gemstones, set in .925 Sterling Silver. These climbers are a unique addition to your attire....

  • The Sterling Silver Coral Ear Climbers are a wonderful complement to your work day.  The deep, dark green of the tourmaline add a bit of mystery to these vertically confused earrings, which climb up the ear, rather than dangle from it. These earrings offer a fresh look and gently scream ‘tranquility.’

  • Alexandra Gunn Double Splash Necklace
    Make a splash with this unique statement piece. Dotted with white sapphires and boasting amethyst, this necklace shimmers like the ocean with every step you take....

  • The double splash necklace, shown in all Sterling Silver here, is dotted with 2mm white sapphires and centered with 3mm round amethyst.  This statement piece provides a lot of flare without going overboard, making it a perfect piece to rock at the office or out for the night!

    All our pieces are Made in America.  All pieces are solid, nothing is plated.

  • Alexandra Gunn Wide Bar Necklace
    This wide bar was inspired by ocean waves gently crashing on a beach in the middle of Summer. Cast in sterling silver, this seemingly simple piece is highly detailed w/ numerous cut-outs and a folded, almost ribbon-like texture....

  • When the ocean waves are gently lapping against the shore, you get this wide bar necklace.  This piece is a very solid Sterling Silver.  It stands on its own without any extra shine, just like you.  How would you like the ocean around your neck?  You find that in this piece, we hope you enjoy!

    All our pieces are Made in America.  All our pieces are solid, nothing is plated.

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