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Here at Good Nature Essentials, our promise to you is sincerity, honesty and integrity when it comes to the ingredients we put into our products. If an ingredient isn’t safe for our family, then we won't use it in the products we sell to you! Our products are the real deal, made with truly natural and organic ingredients.

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  • Have you been hearing all the hubbub around magnesium lately? Well, it is definitely warranted! Magnesium is an important mineral found in plants, animals, the earth, and the sea (so basically everywhere!). The best sources of magnesium for humans are going to be found in plant foods such as dark leafy vegetables or beans, nuts, avocado, and other nourishing foods. However, the body only absorbs approximately 30-40% of what we intake so we must ensure that we are getting enough in our bodies. According to the National Institutes of Health, Americans are consistently shown to be deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is important for so many body functions including energy production, protein synthesis, muscle & nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. All very important things!  

    The goodness of magnesium has been something our makers at Good Nature Essentials have been aware of. Our Magnesium Cream has been formulated, tested, and perfected to help increase magnesium presence in the body. This cream is great for topical use and you can feel it relaxing your muscles and aiding your nervous system. The Magnesium Cream is one of our all-star products being one of the main products purchased, used, and raved about. Customers have talked about it supporting them during the workday and helping them sleep at night. One repeat customer shared that she was able to walk well and without pain after a long shift waitressing, whereas on other days she would be stiff and in pain the following morning.  

    As you can see vitamins and minerals play more important roles than just getting healthy glowing skin. Our bodies need these minerals to function properly and ensure that you are in tip top shape ready to take whatever life throws at you.  

    You can find our Magnesium Cream on our website,, or at our Greenville, PA store on 48 W Main St. Contact us at 724-885-0019, we welcome any feedback and questions you may have.

  • What happens when a serial-entrepreneur begins making soap? Good Nature Essentials, that’s what happens. A store whose inception began during the summer of 2017 in the home of our owner, Jim Foltz, and is now blossoming into a full-on enterprise with big goals and high hopes. Soap making was fun, but Jim possesses far too much vision to keep it as a fun hobby. 

    Jim is a seeker of excellence when it comes to his products; if he is selling something, he wants to ensure that it is going to be the best possible for his customers. To begin perfecting the product Jim hired on a scientist from the local high school. After development, the soap began showing signs of serious potential and then he met Roberta Boitnott.  

    Roberta had owned her own natural products business in which she had also made everything by hand but had to press pause for personal reasons. When Jim and Roberta met in March 2018 their skill sets showed to be something of great promise. Roberta had all her recipes and well-loved products, and Jim had strong business expertise. Through hard work, recipes were perfected and word started to spread. They were supported by their families as they worked alongside them to start making Good Nature Essentials a reality.  

    Good Nature Essentials began production in a warehouse associated with Jim’s other business and in under a year began to grow quickly. They were going to shows and were gaining more and more interest than they could have thought. The business continued growing and in November 2018 they opened the doors to their store in Greenville, PA and things have begun to explode. From their third to fourth quarter sales jumped 42.5 times what it had been! They are also looking into more wholesale opportunities and were accepted to attend the largest handmade wholesale tradeshow in the United States. Good Nature Essentials is in the growth phase and they can’t wait to see where they will be off to next.  

    You can find Good Nature Essentials online at or in person at 48 W Main St. Greenville, PA. Contact them at 724-885-0019. 

  • In the search for natural products people are no longer looking for things that are only good for them, but also are good for the environment. We are no different. We began by handcrafting soaps for your skin but didn’t want to stop there. We have now handcrafted a shampoo bar from only ingredients in nature to aid your hair health. We have formulated six bars for all hair types; dry, flaky, normal, and damaged with two of the bars featuring our Perfect Man and Mango Papaya scents 

    Our shampoo bar is lovingly handmade in our Greenville shop. The bar is long lasting and will lather oh-so-nicely leaving your hair clean and light. As said, the bar is also good for the environment being zero waste friendly in its paper packaging and is oil-based which is moisturizing and nourishing for both your hair and is safe for the environment as the residue goes down the drain. 

    Great natural shampoo bars are not always affordable, but we want to ensure that our customers can get great products at a great price. This bar is great for men and women alike whether their hair is short or long. You may notice that your scalp health improves greatly as well! We test the products on ourselves to ensure that our customers are only getting the best products we can offer. Our General Manager, Roberta Boitnott, has been using the shampoo for the past few weeks and has noticed her scalp health increasing dramatically. Roberta is a thyroid cancer survivor, but due to the battle is now without her thyroid. She would oftentimes have dry flaky patches on her scalp, but since using the shampoo bar formulated for flaky hair has not had these patches arising on her scalp at all! We stand behind our products and believe that natural is the way to go be that home or hair 

    Feel free to visit our online store at or our store in Greenville, PA at 48 W. Main Street, or call us at 724-885-0019.

  • Candles, they are loved for their ambiance, scent, and toxicity. Wait, what? Candles are indeed loved for how they fill your home with the smells of the fresh outdoors or delicious cinnamon, but it is not often realized how toxic these pretty things can be. There are dangerous toxins held in the wax and fragrances that can be affecting your health. There have been studies done that are beginning to show chemicals found in candles and sprays have the potential to damage your cardiovascular system or even your brain!  

    This was just not acceptable for us at Good Nature Essentials. Considering this we have begun producing candles (by hand) that are free of these dangers.  Our candles are 100% plant-based, all natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. These are important values to us and we wanted to be sure that this is accomplished with our candles. Our waxes are also free of pesticide and herbicide residue, is friendly to animals, and does not contain petroleum products. The fragrances are phthalate-free which is safe for your family and home. The packaging is even eco-conscious with our wax being poured into a pretty glass jar with a wood lid.  

    Besides being safe and eco-friendly we wanted our candles to be awesome smelling! We have released our Fall and Christmas lines with scents like Huckleberry Harvest, Christmas Thyme, and Gingerbread Spice. We now look forward to releasing our Spring and Summer candles in the near future! We want to have fun with our products and we desire our customers to enjoy them too. The candles come in an 8 oz or 16 oz jar and wax cube packs so there is something that will work for everyone. We want to make it easier to introduce natural products into your day to day living so you can have peace of mind and not have to worry about what is contained inside. We hope our new line of candles covers that base for you!  

    You can find our candles on our website,, or at our Greenville, PA store on 48 W Main St. Contact us at 724-885-0019, we welcome any feedback and questions you may have.

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