Laurie Leonard Designs

Jeannette,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1625

Laurie uses miniature reproductions of her watercolor paintings 'set' in pewter settings cast from her original models.

 She is inspired mostly by things that she sees in her backyard and the woods that surround her home. password for w/s 'orderfromlaurie'


  • Laurie Leonard Designs: Butterfly
    Pewter settings with mini reproductions of Laurie's watercolor....

  • My jewelry is made with miniture reproductions of my watercolor paintings set in pewter settings cast from models that I sculpt in clay.  I am inspired by things I find in my yard and the woods that surround my house.  
  • Laurie Leonard Designs: Tree necklace
    Dome tree with pewter links...

  • This tree necklace is comprised of a dome shape focal tree, which is a reproduction of my painting covered with a jewelry grade resin.  All of the charms and links are my pewter castings.  The models for these casings are clay that I sculpted.  
  • Laurie Leonard Designs: bracelets
    The Bangle bracelets are made with my watercolor paintings and my pewter settings...

  • The leaf texture on the bangles was created by making a texture plate with leaves from my backyard and then pressing clay into it to begin the sculpting process.  The images are miniature reproductions of my watercolor paintings.
  • Laurie Leonard Designs: face set
    Made with my watercolor painting set in my pewter settings...

  • The very first image I painted exclusively for my jewelry is the female face.  It's still a favorite.  The miniature reproduction of the watercolor painting was placed in the bezel setting of my pewter setting and then covered with a protective coating of jewelry grade resin.  The black and white theme repeats itself across my body of work.  
  • Laurie Leonard Designs: tree earrings
    This pair includes the bird on a branch above the tree....

  • The tree design is another favorite.  I use miniature reproductions of my watercolor paintings set in my pewter settings.  I sculpt the models for the settings from a clay that dries hard enough to withstand the casting process.
  • Laurie Leonard Designs: owl set
    miniature reproduction of my owl watercolor is used in my pewter settings...

  • This owl is a miniature reproduction of my watercolor set in pewter settings cast from my clay model. 


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